We're (hopefully not) closing down

Unfortunately we don't have the resources to support this site any more, and we have decided to shut the service down from January 1. 2013.

We will consider any offers, so if you are interested in taking over the site, please contact us

Update: Looks like we will find someone to take over; don't stop using us! :)

Controlling spam the easy way

Are you tired of having to give your e-mail address to companies just so you can download that crucial software driver or program? Here's a solution;

Disposable, one-time e-mail adresses for everyone.

Just put yourword@spamavert.com into the e-mail field in those registration forms, and come here to get your e-mail. It's all free, and it couldn't be simpler!


It's simple

  • Give the website you don't trust an e-mail address ending in @spamavert.com.
  • Visit spamavert.com, and read e-mail for the address you picked. No passwords are required.

Tell us what you think

We — like everyone else — are on Twitter. You should come tell us what you think about our service!